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K2 Consulting Services specializes in helping organizations evaluate and validate their computer systems for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. K2 can also aid in the selection and implementation of the most affordable Learning Management System solutions as well as evaluate instructional programs and products. K2 can also meet any and all instructional design needs!
21 CFR Part 11 System Validation 

K2 Consulting Services can help organizations comply with 21 CFR Part 11 by evaluating the standard operating procedures (SOPs) used to manage IT infrastructure. Such SOPs evaluated include the manner in which organizations back up and secure, provide audit trails, and validate individual computers within that support electronic records and signatures.


In addition to evaluating SOPs, K2 Consulting Services also ensures that every computer within a system that collects and maintains electronic records has documented evidence that the system operates as intended. Such validation includes evidence that users are capable of identifying when the system is not working properly within the parameters of the organization's SOPs. K2 Consulting Services implements a risk-based approach to computer system validation, ensuring cost-effective and customized results for smaller and larger organizations, particularly those providing health-care and pharmaceutical services.

LMS Implementation and Upgrade

Once an organization chooses a specific LMS, many factors contribute to its overall success. These include roll-out and implementation concerns, initial user training and support, security and confidentiality issues, and configuration and performance outcome alignment.


Consultants at K2 have experience with helping organizations successfully tailor LMS features to meet organizational needs while ensuring proper support during initial implementation and/or upgrading of LMS systems. With strong backgrounds in instructional design and training, K2 consultants can promote the skills needed for training professionals to successfully implement LMS products and services within their organizations.


LMS Vendor Selection


Many organizations design and implement computer-supported learning experiences as part of their comprehensive training initiatives. The use of learning management systems (LMS) can help organizations develop and deliver instructional materials and assessment experiences.


Today, a variety of LMS products and options are available to meet the online educational needs of smaller organizations as well as global operations. Cost, security, accountability, and instructional effectiveness reflect some of the important variables to consider when choosing the right LMS, and the consultants at K2 have years of experience conducting needs assessments to match the best possible LMS options with specific organizational needs.


Instructional Design & Development

In addition to supporting an organization's technology infrastructure needs and operating procedures, K2 Consulting Services provides a full range of instructional design and evaluation services to meet a variety of training needs. Such services include learner needs assessments, instructional materials design and development, multimedia design, and performance assessment. Training programs are designed for both computer-based as well as face-to-face environments, with an emphasis on "train the trainer" modeling when appropriate.


Instructional Program Evaluation

K2 Consulting Services can help organizations systematically assess the processes and/or outcomes of an instructional program with the intent of furthering its development and improvement. K2 Consulting Services can organize and develop a logic model program evaluation proposal in conjunction with your organization's training and professional development group, as well as implement and evaluate all data associated with such evaluations. Discrete training initiatives can be evaluated using a Kirkpatrick model, resulting in a rich assessment of the strengths and recommended improvements for specific education programs. 

Instructional Product Evaluation

Many factors contribute to the potential effectiveness of individual instructional products, including user interface issues, meaningful learning contexts, instructional strategies, use of multimedia, types of interactivity, amount and type of practice and feedback, review and reflection exercises, process and procedural scaffolding, and appropriate pretest and posttest materials. These factors represent some of the important components of a technology-supported learning experience that K2 Consulting Services can evaluated in your efforts to develop the most effective training materials possible. It is always helpful to have an outsider's perspective when editing your material!

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